Saturday, 25 August 2012

future plan

sometimes when I thinking....whats my future my mind,i will think i will stay in Osaka or Tokyo at Japan and open Malaysian cuisine restaurant since Japan don't have halal food (i'm not sure,they have...but lack)...some people asking me "why in Japan?you forget everything in Malaysia and leave your parents?"i say to them "Japan is my second home...i will not forget everything in Malaysia and i will bring Malaysian culture in Japan...and my parents i will bring them stay here if they like to stay there..."

i know that living in Japan is really expansive than Malaysia is really expansive in living life....well,i'm not hate staying in Malaysia....but i like to stay here...having with family and friends...and so on in Malaysia.Danny Choo is my inspire me about Japan culture....

1st thing when I ready for my future plan...i will working in Malaysia and save my money for my future plan....when everything is set up...i'm ready to go and stay in Japan....

Japan is my second home,I like Japan because their discipline, culture, food and so on....some of them think about Japan is lots of porn video and so on that is not they think it....Japan is very nice to stay...hence,the people is very nicely and more polite to them....

so don't think negative about Japan.....

my otoshidama(duit raya)....

2012 is the "good" year....mmm,maybe xD

coz this year is really unexpected....when grown up....less duit raya....but this year is really,really awesome for me...lots my relative,my cousin giving me duit raya....on 1st day of hari raya....around 19 pieces of duit raya I got...its batter than last year,sometimes it make curious and more shocking this year....maybe my "rezeki" this year...who knows.....but I still not counting all my duit raya....most people giving me RM 1-RM 30 to me....and also got RM 20 notes....i'm not sure to use my duit raya as mu cosplay project this year....and i get my plan for cosplay this year....

duit raya from 1st day raya until 3rd day raya

i'm not really sure...are this my last receiving duit raya this year....maybe not :p

maybe when i finish my study and have a money for hari raya....and start giving to my relative and cousin duirng hari raya....

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sampul Raya 2012

Konbawa....kali pertama blogku dalam bahasa melayu....kebiasaannya dalam english dan japanese....well,rojak sikit xDD

anyway,sampul raya this year memang mengecewakan ku sebab kebanyakan bank habis cepat...sejak aku belajar di politeknik di Sabak Bernam,masalah aku adalah kenderaan dan juga masa...jauh pulak dari politeknik ke pekan Sabak Bernam,30 minit perjalanannya...then take a bus from Sabak Bernam to Teluk Intan around 45 minutes....memang jauhlah katakan...banyak bank aku tak dapat this year iaitu BSN (bank bermasalah bila aku tukar duit,takde sampul),Standard Charted (kt Ipoh),HSBC,Agro Bank,Tabung Haji,Al-Rajhi Bank (kt Ipoh),Affin Bank,UOB Bank (last year tanya,diorang cakap bank nie tak provide langsung sampul raya dari dulu lagi.tahun nie sama agaknye....)harap-harap sape-sape ade sampul raya dari bank lain,boleh ditukar....inilah antara bank dan lain-lain yang aku dapat....

2012 new notes

Alliance Bank (simple design)

Hong Leong Bank (Simple design,but nice....ada satu lagi design Hong Leong Bank,tapi kena bukak akaun khas untuk kanak-kanak bertemakan "upin dan ipin")

OCBC Al-Amin (I like the design)

Bank Rakyat (Simple design)

AEON Jusco

Tesco (dua gambar artis berbeza di hadapan dan gambar yang sama pada belakang)

Bank Islam (I like the paper they use)

AmBank (simple design,but not bad)

Maybank (Simple design)

CIMB Bank (I like the paper they use and design is not bad)

RHB Bank (Bangunan RHB Bank concept)

Shell (Malaysia) Bhd.

F&N (Dapat kat 7E)

Public Bank (same design,but different size)

sejak aku belajar di Sabak Bernam,nak ke bank memang bermasalah terutamanya masa dan juga kenderaan...I prepare duit raya ini khas untuk kawan yang bertandang ke umah ku...harap dapat sampul raya dari bank lain sebab kebanyakan bank di Teluk Intan dan Ipoh tiada cawangan seperti di KL.... 

Monday, 4 June 2012


Cosplay is a hobby,a passion for us cosplayers to show our deep interest in animes and the characters we cosplaying.

Today,i heard from a "trust able" cosplayer at Pavilion today that when he(cosplayer) was asked to take photos with a guy,his friends prevented him from taking photos with us cosplayer by saying that we(cosplayers) will charge him,and he even asked "Will u charge me if i take photos with u?"

I think this is related to the scam is about a "certain" cosplayer almost made TV3 banned us cosplayers.

And us,cosplayers, We do not charge people who want to take pictures with us cosplayers~

If you think what i stated is right,please copy this status and post on your wall as we need to change the people's impression about us cosplayers charging people for taking photos with us.

TQ~ :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

sorry for not blogging!!!(申し訳ありませんがブログしない!!!)

hey guyz and girlz...i'm so sorry not send something in my i'm currently continue my study in diploma in polytechnic since i'm finish my study in community college in certificate...yeah,life as students its really hard and also i'm in concentrate in cosplay...yeah,i'm a cosplayer...but i in new cosplayer....lots making props and so on and also go to KL for event only....hopefully if I have time,i will post about cosplay and so on...

  sorry all -bows-

Sunday, 27 November 2011

feel isolated (隔離された)

When i was online on facebook.sometimes i look all my friend status,and sometimes I reply their status.sorry to say,depend on my mood.and sometimes their status I just click "like"button only.when any festive seasons or something,I always upload the picture and tag someones to wish them or something.some of them "like" the picture only and some of them reply my wish or something.but some people ignore,i really dun know why those people ignore what they tag for them.they like your status and also your picture,but they tag picture and also upload their status and tag you,why you not reply it...they annoying to you...if you really hate them,just tell the truth,thats all...if you don't like this people and want to delete his/her facebook on you profile,just say sorry to them,I always do that if I really don't know those people adding me without any mutual friend...I not approve 100% if people I didn't know....

sometimes I really disappointed some of my facebook friend especially a cosplayer and also some from -tut- forum.sometimes i feel happy i got a new friend.but after few weeks or month,they ignoring us.when we try to contact them,people like us so disappointed.they never reply our massage and so on.we not annoying you.but you never reply our massage.whats wrong of you...if other tag you and also upload their status and tag like and reply.but when I upload picture and tag ignore me.when I try send massage,you didn't reply.I really disappointed of you...if you don't become my friend,tell me truth.maybe I can reject you on my facebook.

thats it of my anger of some my friend on facebook...sorry if someoens feel what i'm saying.if you 100% feel what I say,think it what have you done....ja neh....

Sunday, 6 November 2011

happy eid adha!(おめでとうございます!)

To all my family,friends and all muslim.I wish all a HAPPY EID ADHA...may god bless you...celebrate eid adha with more happiness,thankful to Allah and more prosperity in our family and also world...